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Prime place(s) visited: Return from Paris to Zaventem, Belgium

After exploring and spending time in Paris it was now time to move back to Netherlands. However, we decided to stay for a day in Belgium which was on the way to from Paris to Netherlands.

But before we left Paris, we had something yet to be explored which was nothing but the garden of the house.

It looked beautiful as seen from the window of the house and when we went there, we could discover a lot of colourful flowers, a big swing and some fruits like apple on trees. We pluck a few of them to eat on our way to Belgium. We also clicked a couple of photos at the garden as memory before leaving the house. Nonetheless, not only garden, the entire house was a perfect place for our stay in Paris.

Leisure time in the house’s garden in Paris

Our journey to Belgium commenced after having breakfast and we played songs and discussed about the wonderful time spent in Paris while in car.

Everyone was feeling asleep with the long tiring journey and waited for the destination to arrive. However, Anthony(my Husband’s friend) who was driving and Nirav(my Husband) who accompanied him by occupying the front seat beside him was awake.

Travelling across Europe is easy and hassle-free, particularly since the cities are quite close to each other and one can reach from one city to another easily by drive or by availing public transportation. It took us four hours to travel from Paris, the capital of France to Brussels, the heart of Belgium.

At Belgium, we had again booked for house through Airbnb in Zaventem City which falls at close proximity to Brussels. Zaventem usually does not fall in the list of tourists and has remained to be quite unexplored when it comes to tourism.

Deserted street of Zaventem city, Belgium

When reached our house at AirBnb Zaventem, we were welcomed by a charming lady who was the owner of the house. She gave us a warm welcome with chocolates and was simply a good host during our stay there. The Villa too was quite huge followed by a vast garden and in no time, we fell in love with this beautiful house.

Below is the link where you can check out the details of this house hosted by Maryamhttps://abnb.me/zlCxLsYNd5
I would strongly suggest to checkout to her house whenever you visit Belgium.
Wonderful lady with a wonderful heart and with a wonderful villa.

Inspecting food. My daughter at Indian Rasoi, Belgium

Upon unpacking stuff at the house, we went out for dinner at Indian Rasoi restaurant. Although the restaurant did not seem to be so occupied, we enjoyed Indian style food there which was quite tasty. Later, Anthony and Nirav went for walk to the lake nearby house.

The next day morning, we had breakfast at the garden and spent some good time talking to the owner about the know-how of Belgium. 


Its breakfast time

Before leaving the house, we had created a good bond with her, thanks to Airbnb because of which this was made possible.

Snap with wonderful lady owner Maryam at our Airbnb house Zaventem, Belgium

To summarize, this day was loaded with travelling all the way from France to Belgium, food and some good memories in the spectacular house in Belgium.
To be continued..

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