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Prime place(s) visited: Grand Place, Brussels

This day started with exploring The Grand Place at Brussels in Belgium and visiting Anthony’s home at Utrecht, Netherlands, finally going back to our house in the Netherlands.

After relishing breakfast, we bided adieu to the Airbnb house at Zaventem and started our journey in car to Brussels before heading for Netherlands.

The Grand Place is a major attraction at the central square of Brussels.
It is surrounded by opulent guildhalls and two larger edifices, the city’s Town Hall and the King’s House building containing the Museum of the City of Brussels. The square measures around 68 by 110 meters.

Capturing Family Photo at Grand Place, Brussels

There is a lot of open space around the Grand Place and you will see a lot of tourists around. Most of the tourists will be found busy clicking photos since this is a perfect place for getting some splendid pictures. Like other tourists, we too clicked certain pictures at the beautiful Grand Place and roamed for about an hour here.

Random pic with beautiful flowers

When its Belgium, it is Belgian Waffles. You simply cannot resist the tempting waffles at Belgium.

Having explored the Grand Place, we ordered waffles at one of the restaurants there. The restaurant was serving a huge variety of waffles and we were confused on what to order and what not to with each variety looking lip-smacking.
To our surprise, along with waffles, music was on its way for the perfect treat. While we waited at the restaurant for waffles, there was a person who unfolded his musical instruments and started playing it right in front of us. Initially, it was only us who were enjoying the music. However, in no time he could grab the attention of others and people gathered encouraging and cheering him.

When its Belgium, it is Belgian Waffles

Later, we roamed in the vicinity and exploring different chocolates at shops. We also bought a souvenir from one of the shops as a remembrance to Belgium and then started off to the Netherlands.

Anthony’s house was indeed beautiful, especially the gallery with artificial grass.

On our way back home in Netherlands, Anthony asked us to visit his home which would fall on the way. His house was indeed beautiful, especially the gallery with artificial grass. My husband always used to speak about how they enjoy their parties at Anthony’s gallery which I was now able to witness. On the other hand, Navya(my daughter) too was fascinated by Miley’s(Anthony’s daughter) room which was quite wonderful with lots of toys.

After a few hours at his house, we then started for the final destination, back to our house in Netherlands. We also handed over our rented car back to Europcar covering a total of 1300 km of a long journey.

At first, we were sceptical on how parents and Anthony would interact with each other due to the language barrier. However, Anthony and his daughter were so friendly that none of us could ever sense the barriers of nationality or language.

Our trip was so enjoyable and happy that we were eagerly waiting for the next trip which was planned in a few days to Iceland with them.

To be continued..

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