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In continuation with Self Itinerary Coorg – Day 2

Coorg – Day 3

This was our last day of roaming at Coorg since the next day we had to leave to be back to Mumbai. We then decided to visit three places i.e. Bhagamandala, Talacauvery and Abbey waterfall for this day.
We first had our breakfast early morning and then hired cab for visiting these places. Cab charges were Rs. 1500/- for all three places.
We started with Bhagamandala, followed by Talacauvery and finally Abbey waterfalls. It was a long journey covering a total distance of 60 kms from Madikeri to Abbey waterfalls. Besides these three destinations, there is one more place that falls in this route namely, Gaddige. We visited this place but it is not that good to visit except for fort, which can be visited only from the outside and garden so, will not be mentioning much in detail about this place.

Triveni Sangam at Bhagamandala

Bhagamandala is a temple located at around 35 kms from Madikeri. The temple is quite big with different idols of Hindu Gods.Opposite the temple is ‘Triveni Sangam’ which signifies the joining of three rivers i.e. Kaveri, Kanika and Sujyothi rivers. The place is considered sacred and one is only allowed to go nearby the river with bare foot. One can also have bath in this holy river.

We were here for around 15-20 minutes wherein we visited temple and Triveni Sangam and then left for Talacauvery.

Temple at Talacauvery

Talacauvery is at a distance of around 8 kms from Bhagamandala. The road trip to reach this place is on high mountain ranges.  The high mountain range makes this place landslide prone in the rainy season. As a result of which most of the times the road to reach Talacauvery is closed in the rainy season. We were however lucky enough to visit this amazing place.

Journey to this place is the most wonderful experience, especially in morning, as it is completely filled with fog. The fog increases with an increase in altitude.
It was around 11:00 am when we reached Talacauvery.
There is a small temple here however constructed in different fashion with pond in front of temple and you need to go sideways to reach the temple. The surrounding area is quite slippery and one has to be careful while walking bare foot to the temple.
Just behind the temple is a way to climb 350 steps to the topmost point of Karnataka. Talacauvery is already at such high altitude that you are just 350 steps away to reach the topmost point.

Steps to the highest point of Karnataka

We then climbed the steps and the view was just breathtaking on reaching the top. This point forms the border of Karnataka and Kerala.

One can actually realize the beauty of nature by visiting this place. Do not skip to add this place in your list while visiting Coorg.
Abbey Waterfalls

Abbey Waterfalls

After Talacauvery comes the Abbey waterfalls. This again is another splendid place which depicts both beauty and power of nature; beauty because it is just amazing to look and power because river Kaveri here makes a descent from height of 21 meters.

Our cab was parked outside and we had to go through a narrow lane filled with coffee plantations to reach waterfall. The force of water was so high that we could hear the sound of gushing water while walking through the path. It is however not advisable to get into water to enjoy the waterfalls as it may risk life.
Besides, there is also a hanging bridge built across the waterfalls. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of waterfalls from the bridge rather than watching it from sideways. Due to its huge force, one will definitely get wet with water droplets falling on you if standing on the bridge for long time.
We were here for quite a long time and finally left for Highton Hotel.
While our journey, we also came across big paddy fields where rice was being planted. We halted cab and watched people working there.

We then reached hotel and rested for some time and left for dinner at Poornima.

To be Continued….
Self Itinerary Coorg – Day 4

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