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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Andaman – Day 2

Andaman Day 3 – Havelock Island 

This marked to be a remarkable day for us. It was filled with adventure and fun.
We had planned Scuba Diving for this day.
For scuba diving, we had already booked on the previous day at ‘Andaman Bubbles Dive Centre’ which is at five minutes of walking distance from Emerald Gecko. This dive centre is associated with the resort and you’ll get some discount if you say that you are staying at Emerald Gecko.
The normal diving rate was Rs. 4000/- but we were given a special discount of Rs. 500/- so it took us Rs. 3500/- per head for scuba diving.
We reported to the dive centre at 7:00 am from where we got into Jeep to reach Bay View beach, the beach where we were supposed to scuba diving. Ideally, scuba diving is done at Elephanta beach but, as the sea was rough that day, we had to do scuba diving at the Bay View beach.
While on our way to beach, the Jeep halted at a place where we changed our dress with the ones used for scuba diving. We also wore gum boots for diving.
I was excited yet little tensed as to how will I be able to manage if something goes wrong while diving. However my guide was quite helpful and assured me to be tension free.
We were two in number and each person was accompanied by well-trained scuba guide.

From there the Jeep then halted directly at the beach.
We got into boat from here which lead us to shallow water nearby the shore of beach. We then got into water and were given water glasses and oxygen cylinder.
Our trainers trained us the techniques of diving and how to manage the water pressure against ear drums. They also taught us of the sign language to be used while inside water.

Sign language used inside water
They helped us to practice the use of these techniques by dipping face inside water.
However, the most important one was to handle oxygen cylinder and breathe inside water. We were finally confident enough to be ready for scuba diving by practising in shallow waters. As we were unaware of swimming basics, this part was supposedly to be handled by our trainer.
Upon completion of training, we wore fins and the diving dress was then aerated such that we floated on water. We were then gradually pulled inside the water by our trainers.
And within no time we were deep inside water to watch beautiful underwater life. We could see corals, fishes and few water plants inside. Our trainer also took underwater photos for us. This was inclusive of the scuba diving package.

Underwater life at Bay View beach

We were around 15 meters deep inside water, for an average of 45 minutes. This time span is decided based on oxygen cylinder. So as far as oxygen inside the cylinder lasts, you can be inside water.

Deep inside water 
This was the most alluring moments of my life.
Other diving options at beach include Sea walk and Snorkelling.
Upon completing scuba diving at around 11:00 am, we changed back to normal clothes, went to Fat Martin to have lunch and then started off at 3:30 pm from Vijay Nagar beach to Kala Pathar beach.
Vijay Nagar beach is a private beach and is the one that was visible from our room at Havelock. 
The Kala Pathar beach is 11 Km away from Vijay Nagar beach and it took us approx. 2 hours of walk to reach this beach.

Snap at Kala Pathar beach

We then halted at Kala Pathar for some time. This is a simple beach and there’s not much to watch here and can be skipped off if you are facing time constraints if any. Tired of walking, we then got into passenger vehicle to reach back to resort. The vehicle charged Rs. 50/- per head.
This was simply another adventure for us. While walking, straight from Vijay Nagar to Kala Pathar, the beach seemed endless.
We then reached our room after which we had dinner at resort and went to sleep.

To be continued…
Self travel itinerary Andaman – Day 4

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