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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Europe – Day 4(Switzerland)

Day 5: Engelberg, Switzerland

Prime place(s) visited: Mount Titlis

This day was planned for visiting one of the most renowned tourist attractions of Switzerland, Mount Titlis.

We had planned to start off early this day however could not do so due to the onset of unexpected rains in morning and had to wait for an hour or two for the rains to stop. Finally, our journey to Mount Titlis commenced at around 10 O’ clock while the weather still seemed to be cold(with moist air) and cloudy outside.
Upon walking for about ten minutes from our apartment, we reached at the entry point from where we bought tickets at 78 CHF per head for cable car to the mountain. Apart from cable car, we could also see train(from the base) ascending the mountain however, since we had already opted for cable car, we did not bother to inquire about it.

Switzerland viewed from cable car

In no time, we were in the cable car with large panoramic windows and hopped off at the first stop(Trubsee Lake) before heading towards the final destination.

Our first halt before heading to Titlis, Trubsee

We clicked some pictures here and again hopped onto another cable car to the next halt namely, the Glacier Cave. It was however difficult for me to walk inside the cave carrying my two years old daughter due to slippery ice floor and hence we all came outside just after a few steps into the cave.

At entrance to the Glacier Cave

Having explored with the Glacier Cave, it was now time to discover the actual mountain which was reached through revolving cable car and in no time we reached Mount Titlis situated at height of 10,623 ft above sea level. It takes an average of thirty minutes to the reach the top of mountain without any halts in between.
Just as we got off the cable car, it started to get colder with temperate outside being 6 degree Celsius along with light rain showers and fog due to which path to the actual mountain was not clearly visible. We waited near the corridor and clicked few snaps at the poster of famous Bollywood actors(Shahrukh Khan and Kajol) whose film(Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) was shot there. Later, we stayed inside at 4th floor(sort of resting area) of the Titlis Station for weather to be clear.

Snap of Mount Titlis from cable car

Soon as the weather seemed pleasant, we went outside for walk to the mountain, clicked some pictures and played with snow.
Apart from the scenic beauty, Mount Titlis also hosts a number of activities which includes mountain biking, hiking, ski runs, walking trails, climbing and rowing.  Titlis Ice Flyer is another highlight of this tourist attraction which offers a spectacular view of ice and snow, leading to the Glacier Park.

At Mount Titlis, Switzerland

After visiting the mountain, we went to one of the restaurants at 3rd floor(there is also one restaurant, at the base of mountain which offers Indian fast food like Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji due to large number of Indian Tourists visiting here) where we had noodles and then left in cable car and back to our apartment. In evening we relished dinner prepared at our room itself.
It was truly an amazing experience to visit Mount Titlis in Switzerland.

To be continued..
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