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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Europe – Day 5(Switzerland)

Day 6: Engelberg, Switzerland

Prime place(s) visited: None

As such nothing was planned for this day.

Sometimes, simply the charm of nature is more than enough to find any reason for staying at particular place and so was the case with our vacation at Switzerland. We were completely fascinated by the beauty of nature and did not regret having stayed here for an extra day.
This day was spent in the lap of nature amidst mountains with lush greenery and pleasant weather with light breezy winds.
We spent most of our time this day at our so-called home in Switzerland relishing lunch and dinner(cooked in house itself) at the balcony of our apartment for the ultimate experience.
Besides this, evening was spent in covering areas adjoining flat at Coop supermarket and nearby garden where my daughter had ample of fun. Later, after an hour or so in the park, we went back to our room since my daughter was feeling asleep by that time. Just as she slept, I and my husband went outside for a casual walk at the lake nearby. It was nearing about sunset and the view at lake was splendid enough to make us spend little extra time here. However, we left from there to be back to our room having spent about an hour at the lake. And this is how the day went off quite well and relaxed.

Smile says it all, daughter enjoying at garden

This was our last day at Engelberg, the next day was planned for visiting Lucerne at Switzerland.
Although the overall experience of staying in Switzerland was awesome but, one place which I liked the most in Switzerland was Engelberg. Engelberg, unlike other parts of Switzerland offers abundance of nature (mainly including mountains and lakes) when compared to its counterpart such as Zurich or Lucerne which are more of proper cities, making it one of the most treasured tourist attractions.

Picture perfect photgraphy, lake at Engelberg

Also, apart from the places visited, we could not visit another famous tourist attraction of Switzerland namely, Interlaken.

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