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Our journey to Hyderabad began on 15th December 2017 with my Husband and one and half year-old daughter boarding Indigo from Mumbai at around eight O’clock in evening and arriving Hyderabad International airport namely, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), in about one and half hour. 
Despite several trips in the past, this trip was however a newbie experience for me since I was travelling outstation for the first time with my child. My heart leapt up and down as the flight was about to take off while I sighted through my daughter to be too engrossed and playful and did not want her to neither be scared nor cry. Luckily all went well, and the journey went off smoothly.

Capturing the first on-board flight experience

Upon reaching Hyderabad, we booked an OLA cab at fare of seven hundred rupees to reach Manikonda where my Husband’s friend resides. It took us around forty minutes to reach Manikonda from Hyderbad airport. Upon reaching friend’s home, we had dinner and slept since it was already nearing about midnight by that time.
The next day, formally day 1 at Hyderabad, was planned for a late start in the morning (this was to cope up with the tiring journey the previous day specially to avoid child’s exertion) covering the entire day with spots to be visited, itinerary (for all four days) of which was outlined by friend’s wife well in advance prior to our visit to Hyderabad.
We started off at twelve noon with the very first tourist spot, Birla Science Centre. This tourist attraction is basically divided into two major parts, science and planetarium. Entry fees to the center was rupees hundred per head (for science part) while combination of science and planetarium was at cost of one hundred and sixty rupees. However, considering time and other constraints i.e. children below four years of age were not allowed for the sky show at planetarium, we opted to buy tickets for the science part only.

Hoarding board of ticket fares for Birla Center at Hyderabad

The science part of the center was quite massive and included different sections such as museum, mechanics, optics and dinosaurium to name a few of them. It was truly an amazing experience to visit the science center, that made me recollect the principles of physics through real demonstrations which I had once learnt while in school and college. We roamed though the science center for about two hours and then left for lunch at nearby restaurant.

The Science Museum at Birla Science Center, Hyderabad

Having had lunch at Sukha Sagar restaurant, we started to walk for the Birla Temple which is at a close proximity to the science center and ideally should have been covered upon visiting the center. The Birla temple is a white marble temple of Tirupati located at hillock with few steps to climb to reach temple. Since the temple falls at height, it offers beautiful view of the city and Hussain Sagar lake from its top.

When in Hyderabad do as Hyderabadis do; lunch in local style at Sukha Sagar restaurant

We then booked cab from outside the temple to reach Lumbini Park which was around one kilometer away.

At the entrance of Lumbini Park

The Lumbini Park unlike normal parks, falls adjacent to Hussain Sagar lake which has made it a popular tourist attraction of Hyderabad. This park also avails boat ride at lake and hosts Laser show in evening which is quite an area of interest to the tourists at Hyderabad. We however did not go for the boat ride nor laser show since my daughter was too tired by that time to deal with any new adventure and opted to peacefully sit  for some time in the park itself.

A glimpse of the Hussain Sagar lake

After resting for a while in the park, we again booked cab at around nine O’clock at night to reach back to home.

While this day covered most of the spots as planned, we missed few of them which included NTR gardens and Snow world. 

To be continued..
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