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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Hyderabad – Day 3

This was our last day at Hyderabad as we had our flight back to Mumbai in evening that day. Due to comparatively lesser time, this day was planned to visit only one spot namely, Golconda Fort.

We booked cab and started off at around 12 O’clock in noon from Manikonda and reached this fort in no longer than half an hour.

As we reached here, we bought entry tickets from the fort’s entrance which was ₹15/- per head for Indians and ₹200/- per head for foreign tourists. Also, charges for still camera was ₹25/-. Besides there is a separate ticket at fare of about ₹130/- per head for adults and ₹60/- for children for the Light and sound show which is hosted inside the fort at around 6:30 pm (first show; there are two shows of which first show is in English and second show is either in Hindi or Telgu based on day of the week).  The fort is open to public for visit between 8:00 am to 5:30 pm on all days of week.

View of Golconda Fort from entrance

We also hired a guide (optional) from the entrance who helped us understand the history and significance of the fort architecture as we moved about the fort. The guide charged us ₹500/- for covering half of the fort. For exploring with the complete fort the charge was ₹700/.

Guide Map of Golconda Fort

Moving through the fort would not have been worth had we not hired a guide who show-cased us the significance of every structural form which we would have never known by self. Hence it is advisable to hire guide if actually interested to know this fort well.

Trying with one of the qualifying skills for joining army of Golconda by lifting weight nearly about 250 Kgs
I was indeed spellbound by the thought of building this fort considering every minute aspect. At the very entrance we were demonstrated with the sound of clap which echoed to the highest point of fort, almost about a kilometre away. 

Closer View of the highest point of Golconda fort
We were subsequently shown the water supply system through the fort, prison, temple, varied chambers and the entire view of Hyderabad city from the fort to name a few of them. We were exhibited through the points where even simple tapping on cloth could be echoed, whispering from one corner of wall could be heard at the other corner and point from where time of day was determined based on the rays of sun.
High walls of the Golconda Fort

Apart from this, many famous Bollywood movies such as Tere Naam, Singham and Bahubali have been shot at this fort.

Upon exploring with the fort we then left and had lunch in the nearby restaurant which was just opposite to the fort. The restaurant is a pure veg restaurant however, the quality of food was not so good which we had comprised due to time constraint.

In no longer time upon reaching home we left for airport and this is how our journey to Hyderabad came to an end.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank our friends (Priyansh, Devanshi and Aprit) for accompanying us throughout our journey to Hyderabad. We will always cherish remembering those beautiful moments spend together.
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