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Welcome to the blog Self Travel Itinerary !!

As we all know, travelling can both be fun and experience. Experience in terms of exploring new places and destinations, learning different cultures, lifestyles and languages and altogether making collaborations across the globe. Besides, it also serves to change our state of mind.

There are people who travel quite often for business while there are some others who travel for exploration.

This blog purely emphasizes on travelling for exploration of new places around the world. It describes my own experience of travelling.

The basic intent behind creating this blog is to help out my readers with the know-how of the places visited by me and aid in planning for visiting those places. This blog mainly aims at readers who are interested in self travel rather the ones who have done booking with tours and travel agencies.

The blog provides a complete itinerary towards visiting places to make your trip easy and hassle free.

Although a lot of research over the internet was done by me before visiting the places, the blog however has no copy pasted content. Every place described in the blog is completely based on my own experience and views and has no resemblance to any other blog. The contents of the blog are original and true to my knowledge.

The recommendations mentioned in blog is only from my experience and has no personal gains or profits to deal with.

I hope you would enjoy going through my blog. Do let me know about your reviews on the blog. Any suggestions are most welcomed.

I wish you all a very happy journey towards exploration.

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