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COLVA BEACH, Prime place to visit on another beach on South Goa. 

The day began with a dilemma to choose between resting at hotel itself and roaming in vicinity since my daughter was somewhat feverish since night the day before.

To begin with, we first had breakfast at our resort. We were indeed spellbound by the huge variety of delicacies being served in breakfast, definitely commendable. We then went back to our rooms to decide with plan for rest of the day. Considering ill-health of my daughter, we chose to rest for at least until evening and watched movie on TV at our room while Navya quickly fell asleep.

Breakfast at Baywatch Resort, South Goa

Later by around mid-afternoon, my Husband, his friend and wife went pooling in resort; only to know swimming costume was mandatory to enter into the pool. Out of no choice, my husband bought costume available at Rs. 300/- from resort while his friend Manoo managed with one available with him. On the contrary, me and Ruchi(Manoo’s wife) stayed indoors due to unavailability of costume with us and we did not want to buy one. When Navya woke up, we three went to pool and had some fun time playing with ball at poolside.

Pooltime at Baywatch Resort, South Goa

Having piled up with food at brunch, we were not so hungry by lunch time and managed with some sandwiches at resort after enjoying a pool.

We had then decided to go to Colva beach by walk, around 3 kilometres from Sernabatim beach and reached there in around half an hour overcoming the hurdles of windy rains, high tides and carrying daughter along the way while on our journey.

Colva beach, unlike Sernabatim was quiet lively and crowded with people enthusiastically enjoying fresh air and waves of water. Some were playing football at beach while some simply sat watching waves moving on and off the shore. Being an off-season, quite a number of shacks at the beach were closed and only few of them were open near the shore.

On the way to Colva beach, South Goa during monsoon seqason

It was nearing dusk and we moved from the beach heading in search of some nice restaurant for having coffee and relaxation. Manoo being somewhat familiar to Goa suggested for Boomerang restaurant as an option. However, we could only find it closed upon reaching there. We then opted to go for Spicy Bella which was not a bad choice either. While on our way back to resort, we casually walked through a few shops(stalls for clothes and purses), but nothing seemed appealing to buy.

The journey ended as we drove back to resort in rickshaw from Colva beach.

Creating memories at BAR in Baywatch Resort

After sometime of having reached resort, we ordered for food from the resort’s restaurant at our room. Besides food, we also cherished talking and reviving beautiful memories and some awkward moments apart from other general topics from our past experiences.
Despite relaxation for the most part of the day, it went off quite well and enjoyable.

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