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South Goa Baywatch resort is located in south Goa and falls at proximity of around 20 km from Karmali station.

It is a 4-star hotel, well maintained but looks like being situated in outskirts with no shops or houses around. Besides, street lights too were not available to the road leading to this resort. Hence it is advisable to travel via a safe mode of transport if late or stay indoors when nearing night, especially if travelling on trip with family.

Our booking for the resort was done online much prior to our visit to Goa. Below is the official website for Baywatch resort. https://baywatchresort.in/

Soon as we reached here, we were greeted by one of the staff members who accompanied and guided us to our room upon completing some basic formalities at the reception. We were also offered welcome drink at the reception.

Vast reception area was followed by an open bar confronting swimming pool and on the right of it was our room.

Our rooms at Baywatch Resort, Goa

Cottage-styled rooms in resort amidst neat, clean and green surroundings seemed quite enchanting to eyes.
Our rooms were spic and span with decent amenities however add-ons such as hard drinks or chips kept in fridge were chargeable and seemed to be slightly costly comparatively.

We had opted for breakfast along with room booking and nevertheless did not regret having a range of varieties to binge on in the morning. Buffet for lunch and dinner too was available here however, we did not opt for buffet and instead chose for a la carte whenever we had food at restaurant here.

No wonder pool at the resort was not so occupied since swimming costume was mandatory to enter into the pool which we were not aware of at the time of booking. So, do remember to carry a costume if you want to enjoy some leisure pool time. Swimming costume can be bought on the go from resort as well.

Glimpse of pool at Baywatch Resort, Goa

The resort is located near Sernabatim beach which falls at 10 minutes walking distance from Baywatch.
There were two routes(not much difference between the two) to reach this beach from Baywatch; one was from within the resort and another from the main gate followed by street to the beach. However, gate to reach beach from within the resort used to get closed by 7:00 PM, so if you are late, you will have to follow slightly longer route to reach Baywatch from beach which is via the second route. Remember, street lights are not available and so it is advisable to reach back resort by dusk.

Apart from this, I always wondered about the skills of housekeeping staff who used to clean our rooms in just a couple of minutes.
Food quantity in dinner was decent however rates were a little higher when compared to other restaurants in Goa.

Overall it was a good experience to stay at Baywatch resort during our trip to Goa. (we would strongly recommend)

Creating memories at Baywatch Resort, Goa
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