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No wonder Goa has always been in the limelight for tourism especially for people from Mumbai and nearby places mainly due to its proximity besides being budget-friendly and calming.

When it comes to Goa, it reminds us about beaches and only beaches either from past experience of a visit or having heard from someone or visualized from some Goa scene depicted on television or movie. However, despite beaches, Goa offers a rich experience of nature and its beauty.

Goa is mainly known for a tremendous number of tourists visiting in between October to March and monsoons is usually considered to be an off-season for Goa. People often tend to visit some hilly regions with lush greenery and opt for trekking in monsoons.
Sunset View – Goa during monsoon
Have you ever wondered how it would be to watch the sea in monsoons?
We visited Goa, primarily for rest, a month back and no doubt being rainy season we were bound to experience rains while being here. With heavy rains in Mumbai, I was skeptical if we were going enjoy our small vacation in Goa had it been the same there.

With light drizzles to heavy rains, Goa had bestowed us with its different forms of nature. With shady and sunny days, we could experience vivid patterns of sky, winds and tides here.

One major advantage of visiting Goa in monsoons is you are free to choose from staying indoors or going out to the beach without the fear of sunburn which usually is unlikely in non-monsoon season. Apart from this, peace at its best can be accomplished during an off-season time; majority of shacks closed, less civilization including tourism and lush greenery everywhere.
Lots and lots of Coconut Grove in Goa during Monsoon

The skies would rapidly change from fierce yellow to shades of grey. Winds would become more intense and sharp.
I remember at one point in time while we were clicking photos, it suddenly started raining heavily and the winds were so powerful that we could only imagine ourselves flying at any moment. The seas would reclaim the land that belonged to it.
Out of no-where acute tides would reach the beach forming small channels.
Those tiny drops of rains disappearing in the overwhelming water body; the fine line between sky and water fading away amidst dark lonely landscape in which one can only hear winds roaring in ears was no more than a horror scene perceived.
And guess what! Suddenly rains stop, tides become normal, sunshine becomes quite evident and the roller coaster of fear now takes a back-seat.

Wouldn’t it be joyous to confer such an experience in GOA in Monsson?
No doubt Goa has many more things to offer, including access to different places, in non-monsoon season. However, witnessing monsoons in Goa would completely be a new adventure altogether.
So next time you consider Goa, do not hesitate to visit this place in monsoons.
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