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Prime visited place : Cabo de Rama Fort (Canacona) & Agonda Beach

Most part of this day was spent in exploring Goa post check-out from Baywatch resort at 11:00 AM.

The day began with packing our luggage followed by breakfast at hotel’s restaurant and finally biding adieu to the resort.

We had booked for car at Rs. 2500/- available from hotel in order to explore few places in Goa namely, Cabo-de-Rama fort, followed by Agonda beach and lastly to drop us to Madgaon station.

Cabo-de-Rama fort was around an hour away from Baywatch resort and the journey to this fort was certainly not so easy due to twist and turns through the hilly area in order to reach this fort. Our excitement to this tourist spot somewhat diminished as we reached here. The fort seemed nothing more than barren land, not well maintained with algae-like growth on the steps to climb upon to reach the top. The only thing pleasing about this fort was the view of Cabo-de-Rama beach from top of the fort. Having accompanied by a small kid, I decided to stay at the base of fort while others went to the top.

At entrance of Cabo-de-Rama fort, Goa

History :
This fort derives its name from Lord Rama, king from Ayodhya. According to mythology, king Ram and his wife Sita stayed here during their fourteen years of exile from Ayodhya. The fort was ruled by Portuguese followed by Britishers and later turned into prison until 1955 after abandonment from the Portuguese and British rulers.

Snap from top of Cabo-de-Rama fort, Goa

The fort spans through a huge area where there are two different views on either sides of church which is located in between.
From one side, there are steps to climb to the top while on the other side one can reach the beach(not sure if it the Cabo-de-Rama beach) by climbing few steps downwards. However, path to the beach is quite clumsy, slippery and is led through some big and small stones to climb upon on its way.
Me and Ruchi waited near church while my husband and his friend went to the beach. A small snake was spotted by Manoo, huband’s friend, on their way to the beach. So be careful if planning to reach out the beach at this fort.

Chruch at Cabo de Rama Fort, Goa

After visiting the fort, we had lunch at Fisherman’s restaurant in nearby vicinity. Later, went for clicking some photos at the Cabo-de-Rama beach which was in continuation from the fort and visible from across the restaurant.

Super windy, Beach across Fisherman’s restaurant, Goa

Upon having lunch, it was time for seeking the last tourist spot, Agonda beach, on our trip to Goa.
Unfortunately, I had to stay in car upon reaching Agonda beach since it was raining and my daughter was asleep by the time we reached there. This beach is around half an hour from Cabo-de-Rama. My fellow companions explored the beach and quickly came back since we were running late for our train to Mumbai from Madgaon station.

Madgaon station stood to be our final destination in Goa. Soon we boarded our train, Matsyagandha Express, to reach back to Mumbai.

Last destination in Goa, Madgaon Station

Despite a short one, this trip made us witness new experiences like, confrontation of heavy rains at the beginning of trip and exploring south Goa during off-season, all of which went off quite well with beautiful memories to cherish for lifetime.

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