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Prime place(s) visited: Disneyland, Paris

This day reminded us of our fun-filled childhood days and was dedicated to my child and daughter of my husband’s friend on our tour to Paris.

I believe, ‘Age is just a number. All that matters is your mental age.’ And when it comes to Disneyland, the barrier of age takes a backseat. You simply cannot restrict yourself from enjoying just because of age.

Miley – I am excited. Its my land, my Disneyland!!

I had only seen Disneyland on television and wished to here someday. When I finally made it, my heart was jumping with excitement and I could no longer wait to get inside post availing tickets from the counter. The kid inside me was leaping up and down with joy and I quickly checked with the details of rides on the map to ensure nothing is missed.

View Inside at Disneyland Paris

We woke in the morning and had planned to leave for Disneyland without much ado which was an hour away by car from our house. However, with my two-year-old daughter, it was delayed and we could only reach here by around 12 in the afternoon.

Upon reaching here, we bought tickets from the counter which was 79 Euros per head for adults for one day one park and for children below 3 years of age it was free of cost. One can also buy tickets online by visiting below official website. https://www.disneylandparis.com/

As per Disneyland’s official website, it is recommended to book for three days; two days for Disneyland Parkland with its five magical themed lands and one day for Walt Disney Studios Parkland and its four action-packed zones.

At Disneyland, there are two parks and you can either book for visiting an individual park or both together. I strongly recommended choosing one park at a time since parks are so huge that it is going to be very tiring day and it is not worthy to visit both parks on the same day, especially with children.

Click at Disneyland Paris

There is no specific route or sequence to start with and hence it is good to pick a map and start with the nearest ride which you want to enjoy first. Since we were with children, we had to choose rides accordingly.

Some rides which we enjoyed here include, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a small world, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours and Indiana Jone and the Temple of Peril to name a few.

We were tired by the end of the evening yet wanted to explore and enjoy more and more rides however at the same time also wished to sit and relax.

At around 11:00 PM, before the park closes, it was time for one of the finest and enormous light and sound show with fireworks. I would advise not to miss this show as it will end your day with a lot of smile and enthusiasm with people gathering together and cheering with energy.

What’s going on? Well, let me first finish my ice-cream; clueless and looking at crowd gathered for show at Disneyland Paris

Let the show begin! People slowly gathering for show at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Iconic View – Evening time Get Set Ready for night show at same place

Lunch and Dinner: There are ample of food outlets and restaurants at different places in the park and so there is no need to explicitly carry any foodstuff to the park. If you are visiting the park during summers then you need to keep yourselves hydrated by drinking plenty of water at regular intervals. I suggest to have light lunch, so you can enjoy rides with ease. With scorching sun, we had a burger in lunch and some light stuff like ice-creams and popsicles during our course of visit.

Finally, before leaving from there, we bought a souvenir from one of the shops at the park as a memento of remembrance to the wonderful memories created throughout the day.
We reached our rented Airbnb house at 12:30 AM and quickly fell asleep out of tiredness.

To be continued..
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