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Choosing the right place for some holiday destination has always been a daunting task. Here are some quick factors that will you aid you in making proper decision on choosing the place for your travel.

Budget: This is one of the obvious facts for choosing certain place for travel. However, budget does vary depending upon whether planning to visit that place during on-season or off-season. So plan your budget and budget your plan wisely.

Weather and Climate: Weather conditions have always been important irrespective of being on a holiday or simply stepping out of home for some work. Choosing a holiday destination with extreme weather conditions willnot just spoil your mood but will also be responsible for wasting your time and money. So, you should always check the usual climate and weather conditions of the place during your designated time of visit prior to deciding on choosing the place for travel.


Days of travel: It is wise to choose the right destination based on the number of days you are planning for your trip. This is mainly for two reasons one, the spots to be visited should not fall short of the number of days neither should your days go waste because the spots to be visited were covered in mere days than the number of days planned for your vacation. Though this factor is somewhat negotiable but, considering this fact will help utilize your holiday to the maximum.

Fitness Level: No wonder your fitness level does play a vital role in determining your level to roam about while being out however, with the accessibility of vehicles, one can knock out this factor to some extent. For places where vehicles are not easily accessible you may have to walk an extra mile to reach your desired location. Fitness level mainly comes into picture when you don’t have the ease of travelling especially, in hilly areas which require some stamina while ascending or descending the slopes.

Connectivity: This factor is of great significance towards choosing the right place for travel. For example, Iceland is worth visiting only if you know how to drive a private vehicle like a car. This is because of the sparse public transport available here. Likewise, visiting some destination, mainly by self and not by tours and travels does need one to check on the mode of transport and its connectivity to the spots to be visited before finalizing on some destination for travel.


Food: Although food might take a backseat but, knowingly or unknowingly, it does play an integral role in choosing the right place for travel. This criteria gains more importance if you are a pure Vegetarian. It is advisable to check some, if not all, food options(restaurants) available nearby your location of stay before finalizing on some guest house or hotel. It is not necessary that the hotel of your stay fits your food requirements and you might have to wander in the hunt of food.


Safety: Safety is another key factor to be considered while choosing some place for visit. You may order this factor based on whether you are travelling alone or in group. Additionally you may check on the crime rate of place to be visited just to be doubly sure and remain alert(specially while in dark or some deserted area) during your visit.

Area of Interest: Above all the criteria, it does matter what you are interested in visiting. Is it beaches or mountains that you love the most? Are you interested in cold and snowy or some bright sunny place? Do you love barren lands like the Rann of Kutch or lush greenery like that found in Kerala? Thought it is not always essential to visit some place based on area of interest however, would recommend you to sort the list prioritizing on places to be visited as per area of interest to keep the zeal of travelling alive. Imagine you visited some place which did not interest you at all in the first go itself; will you be interested to spend money in travelling the next time?


Language: With English being an International language, this barrier has quite been removed for travelling to some place. However, still there are a few parts of the world which choose to speak their local language and barely a few of them will know English or some other common language. Hence it’s better to consider this factor too while deciding your holiday destination.
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