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We all know the grave situation through which the entire world is going through with every nation struggling in its own way to fight against COVID-19. Many nations are facing severe impact not only on lives but also in terms of business and economy due to the outbreak of coronavirus.
In this nationwide fight, no doubt India too is working towards helping its citizens in preventing the spread of Coronavirus by imposing a 21-day lockdown period.
As an individual, here are a few quick options which can help utilize your time to the maximum during this phase.
Change your weakness to strength: Each and every individual has some or the other weakness. It cannot be guaranteed that you can overcome your weakness completely in a span of 21 days of lockdown however, you will at least have something challenging to work upon during these days.
Get a makeover: In this competitive world, it is often difficult to spare some time for a makeover. You can treat these 21 days as a good chance to makeover which can include your styling looks or a simple change such as sleeping pattern for the good.


Work on your dislikes: Just like weakness, each one of you must be having your own set of likes and dislikes. For example, you might be interested more in Bollywood news and ignorant to Political matters while reading the newspaper. This will not just make your knowledge restricted but will make you feel isolated in any form of discussion on politics. Another simple example of dislike might be being choosy in eating food. You can easily beat such dislikes and change your opinion towards it.


Spend quality time with family: With lockdown, we do have ample quantity of time with family during this period however, quality is what matters. Spend some meaningful time with family, be playful with kids at home, be a helping hand to the family members and create videos with family for life long memories.
Stay connected: While it is impossible to stay connected by social gathering these days, it is still important to show you care and concern for your beloved ones. No wonder the best way to stay connected virtually is over the phone, you can also use other platforms effectively to share your thoughts, asking about well-being and sharing how thoughtfully you are spending your time during the lockdown.
Remember, these days will soon fly away like the rest of the days of life spent so far. So instead of complaining, treat this as an opportunity to explore the things which you were unable to do so far because of lack of time.
Last but not these least, in the course of exploration it is also important to abide by the rules and follow safety instructions for the well-being of you and your family.
Stay fit, stay healthy and happy!!
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