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This was my second trip to Matheran(the first one was around three years back) and so this post basically focuses on my experience with this beautiful journey rather than on the itinerary. Of course, complete itinerary has been provided in my previous posts during my first visit to Matheran.

Below are few references on details of my earlier trip to Matheran.
Unlike my previous trip to Matheran, this one was completely a new experience for me. Right from the number of days visited to the group of people accompanied to the spots visited, everything was different from the earlier one.
I visited Matheran in December, 2018 nearing Christmas time with my Husband and daughter for an overnight stay here. Our journey was more of leisure kind rather than the one aimed at exploration.
We started our journey from Ghatkopar, Mumbai early morning and got off at Neral station from where we got into cab at ₹80 per seat to Aman Lodge. Being vacation time, the place seemed to be heavily crowded than usual and so we decided not wait in the long queue at Neral station for buying tickets for toy train to Matheran station.
In no more than half an hour, we reached Aman Lodge from where the distance to Matheran station was 2.5 kilometers. At the entrance of Aman Lodge, we were required to buy tickets as an entry fee to Matheran. Although horse ride and man-driven rickshaws were available at this point, we opted to walk to Matheran, enjoying and soaking in the beauty of nature at this hill station.
Soon as we reached Matheran station, we booked for a room at Rangoli Retreat which falls exactly opposite to the station. The hotel was decent enough with many facilities including a mini swimming pool, slide and swings and other options for recreation such a carom board, disco and magic show. The room charges for one day of stay here was ₹4500 for Non AC and ₹5000 for AC room which was inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner(all vegetarian only). The food was quite good with many options to be relished. Since it was winters, we had opted for a Non AC room for one day of our stay at this hotel. The next day was planned to be back to Mumbai. We could find more of Guajaratis at the hotel compared to others during our stay here. More than what we could enjoy, our daughter was surely happy being at home away from home with ample of things to keep her engaged having booked for a room at this hotel. We too had quite a pleasant stay here only that the room charges seemed to be a bit expensive to me.

Snap of lip smacking food in lunch at Rangoli Retreat, Matheran

The entire day was spent in relaxing and enjoying within the premises of hotel. At night, after playing carom and dancing in disco, we had a casual walk in the nearby vicinity for quite sometime. The next day we had breakfast at hotel and then checked out to be back to Mumbai.

Smile says it all; Daughter enjoying her vacation time at Rangoli Retreat, Matheran

This time to reach Neral, we bought tickets from Matheran station to Aman Lodge station from where we got into cab to reach Neral station.
And this is how our serene journey to Matheran concluded.

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