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In continuation with Self Itinerary Matheran – Details of travel

Points/Spots visited in Matheran
As we walked through the lane, the very first point that came in was Madhavji point.
This point is simply a hill surrounded by fence. There were however a lot of photographers available who would click snaps for you at minimal cost. Adjoining the point, there is a small garden. So photographers will click snap at both the places namely the point itself plus the garden. There is not much to watch out here. We halted for around 10-15 minutes and then moved towards the next point, Echo point.
Besides Madhavji point, if one would go straight in the direction of this point, there you’ll come across two more points i.e. Khandala point and Alexander point. All these three points are in continuation and form to be a part of the same hill just that they are given different names for tourists. And hence, we skipped off these points and opted to go for Echo point.
However, one can visit Khandala point to see sunset. But, as it was already mid of afternoon we didn’t go to this point.
Next came the echo point.
This point sticks to its name. As the names goes, one can hear echo coming from the surrounding valleys on screaming. Do not missing out this opportunity of screaming out loud at this point.
We spent some time here by clicking photographs and screaming at the top of our voice. There is one more point opposite to echo point, Louisa Point. This point was however far away from echo point and so we skipped to view this point. The Louisa point is renowned for waterfalls in monsoons.  

Selfie is a must – Matheran

Before we could head to the next point, we decided to have some fast food.The best available option here was to have Maggi.

We had Maggi after which we also had icy Gola and finally moved towards the next place of visit.
Now came the Charlotte Lake.
The Charlotte Lake is a nice place to visit in Matheran. If viewed from distance, the lake more seemingly looks like a small dam. This lake is the source of water for residents of Matheran. There are a lot of games too available here. There is also a temple nearby the lake which forms to be place for tourist attraction. Besides games, there are also adventurous activities such as rope climbing, fence climbing, trekking etc. too done at certain points in Matheran.
We first played game of glass which was available near the lake. This game is similar to that of bowling except that you are required to aim with a normal cricket ball at all the glasses arranged on the table. Now, this was fun and no one was able to target to get down all glasses at once.
We however enjoyed at aimless aiming of glasses and then headed towards the lake.
The lake seems to be calm and peaceful. However one can also bath in this lake in monsoons when its water overflows in this season.

Charlotte Lake

We spent quite some time over here, had lots of photographs and then went to have lunch.

It was already 5 O’clock by this time and hence we planned to have lunch in the same route from where we had started i.e. somewhere nearby Matheran station.
We started moving from lake towards station and took the route of Matheran Market Place.
The market place is filled with canteen and footwear stalls. The footwears here are really nice, ones that could not be easily found out in Mumbai.
We finally opted for one restaurant where we could have lunch.
We then had lunch and started off to reach Dasturi as by the time we were done with lunch it was already too late and our toy train to Neral was missed out.

Heading back to Mumbai

It took us around half an hour to reach Dasturi from Matheran Market. We then hired cab from Dasturi and were back to Neral within half an hour. The vehicle takes less than half the time as compared to toy train to and froth Neral and Matheran.

This is how our one day trip to Matheran came to an end with wonderful memories at a pleasant place.

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