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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Andaman – Summary I

Day 8: Port Blair
Prime places visited:  Ross, Viper and North Bay Island
Mode of transport used: All these islands were visited by boat from Andaman Water Sports Complex. You may catch rick to reach this complex.
Time constraints (if any): In order to visit these islands, you need to follow the timings given by your tour guide. Usually the boat ride begins at around 10:00 am from Andaman Water Sports Complex prior to which you are required to book your package at the counter of Sports Complex. You may come around 1 hour before the tour begins in order to book your package.

Day 9: Port Blair

Prime places visited: Chatham Saw Mill, Beach and Biological Park at Chidiya Tapu.

Mode of transport used: We opted for rick to reach Chatham Saw Mill from Megapode Resort and STS (State Transport Service) bus to reach Chidiya Tapu. Biological Park and beach could be reached by walking upon getting off the bus at Chidiya Tapu bus stop.

Time constraints (if any): There must be some time restriction for visiting Biological Museum but, I am not sure about the timings. Please check the same if you are planning to visit this park at Chidiya Tapu. However, there is no time constraint for visiting the beach here.

Day 10: Departure from Port Blair

Prime places visited: We had departed from Port Blair, this day, to be back to Mumbai.
Mode of transport used: We had pre-booked for rick to reach Port Blair airport from Megapode Resort.

Time constraints (if any): You may need to follow the flight timings.

Beautiful click of sunset at the beach

Other generic summary:

We visited Andaman in the month of Jan 2014.

We had opted for connecting flight from Mumbai to Chennai and Chennai to Port Blair. Other option includes connecting flight from Mumbai to Kolkata and Kolkata to Port Blair. Ship may also be used as a mode of transport to visit Andaman.

Megapode Nest Resort was booked for our stay at Port Blair while in Andaman.

We had booked for Emerald Gecko Resort for our visit to Havelock Island at Andaman. The resort is simply apt for staying at this island.

Our stay at Neil Island was booked with the Tango Beach Resort.

Other places that can be visited in Andaman:
While we covered most of the places in Andaman, there are certain places which were not covered and you may like to visit them. So here’s a list of such places, itinerary of which is not mentioned in my blog posts.
  • Elephanta beach, Havelock Island (renowned for Scuba Diving)
  • Jolly Bouy, Port Blair
  • Anthropological Museum, Port Blair
  • Fisheries Museum, Port Blair
  • Wandoor beach, Port Blair
  • Mount Harriet, Port Blair
Important links for your reference:
Andaman’s official site by Government of India: http://www.andamans.gov.in

Official site for Megapode Nest resort: http://hotel-megapode-nest-port-blair.hotelsgds.com

Official site for Emerald Gecko resort: http://emerald-gecko.com
Official site for Tango Beach resort: http://www.tangobeachandaman.com

Official site for Makruzz ferry: http://www.makruzz.com

Last but not the least, you may visit my posts on www.selftravelitinerary.co.in to know about the hotel reviews and/or plan your itinerary for visit to Andaman.

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