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eiffel towerIn continuation with Self travel itinerary Europe – Day 9(Netherlands)

Day 10: Paris, France
Prime place(s) visited: Eiffel Tower

It was my Husband’s birthday on this day and we had planned to celebrate it in the most populous city and capital of France, Paris; a city full of art, fashion and culture.

Birthday celebration at home, Netherlands


We commenced our trip to Paris at around 11:00 AM CET soon upon having brunch and traveled all the way from Netherlands to Paris in car rented from Europcar(car rental company). The car was driven by my Husband’s friend who, along with his eight years-old daughter, accompanied us to Paris.

Our journey to Paris seemed to be far more enjoyable with some music and chips amidst the beautiful surroundings confronted while driving. Moreover, my daughter was happy to make a new friend on her journey to Paris.

Friends Forever!!

We often took some halts in-between and finally entered the city of France. It was already dusk by the time we reached Paris and so decided to visit Eiffel Tower first before heading to our apartment which was quite a few kilometers away from the tower thereby saving time and energy.

Glimpse of France from car


We were lucky enough to see two phases of Eiffel Tower. One, when the lights were not lit and another when the entire tower was lit up by bright magnificent lights for the mesmerizing view. The lights gave an illusion of thousands of stars sparkling over the tower which was completely breathtaking. I would not deny to visit this tower during day but would definitely recommend to visit it at night. Visiting Eiffel Tower during day time makes one realize about the splendid architecture of this iconic monument while visiting it during night will take you to the next level of realization with greed to keep watching it over and over again. Moreover, this tourist attraction is the heart of Paris and is usually crowded with people including tourists and hawkers. It is however advisable to beware of hawkers here.

Selfie with Eiffel Tower at Paris

One can also book an entry to level two(either by walk or lift) or top of tower, preferably online to avoid long queue for booking. Due to time constraint, we did not choose to go inside the tower and simply enjoyed it from outside, creating memories by clicking numerous snaps here. There is an open area surrounding the tower from where it is entirely visible; worth spending some time here to absorb the beauty of this man-made wonders of the world.

Eiffel Tower at its best, Paris


Having visited Eiffel Tower, we then went to have dinner at nearby Indian restaurant namely, Indian Jawed, located at five minutes walking distance away from tower. The food here was quite good and at a decent price too; apt option for the one’s searching for good Indian restaurant in vicinity.
It was around 1:30 AM CET by the time we reached our apartment at Paris booked through Airbnb.
The day marked to be the longest and most tiring yet enjoyable among all the days during our stay in Europe.

To be continued..
Self travel itinerary Europe – Day 11(France)
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