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Day 1: Amstelveen, Netherlands

Prime place(s) visited: None (Rest day)
This day was tiring, due to journey all the way from India to Netherlands, yet an exciting one since it was our very first visit to Europe. 

I was travelling with my in-laws and two-year-old daughter from Mumbai, India to Amsterdam, Netherlands primarily to visit my husband working as an Expat here and explore Europe.
With Schengen visa and flight tickets, we were all set to board our flight(KLM) booked for 24th July 2018 to travel to Amsterdam. Since we were travelling with child, we had opted for direct flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam.
We started off from our home at around 1:00 AM(IST) and reached Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus International Airport through cab. After completing with all formalities at the airport, we waited to board our flight likely to commence at 4:00 PM(IST).

Bidding adieu to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

Having traveled for almost nine hours in flight, we finally reached our destination, Amsterdam.
I could not wait to see my husband after such a long waiting for us at the arrival gate of Schiphol(Amsterdam) Airport. But, this excitement was somewhat hampered soon as we reached the immigration counter where we were asked to present the visiting letter by person(my husband) currently staying there. We did not have the letter with us however I convinced that the letter was presented at the time of Visa application wherein we had stated the purpose of our visit to Europe. Later, we were allowed to exit from the airport upon checking our return journey tickets,but, the statement, ‘Next time when you come for visiting someone, make sure you have the visiting letter. It serves as a proof and is essential’, was made clear to me.

Finally, as we reached the arrival gate, my worries diminished as soon as I saw my husband.

Snap near arrival gate of Schiphol Airport

We then waited in small queue for cab from Schiphol Airport to Schokland, Amstelveen where my husband was currently residing.

Although we were four(adults) in number, our daughter was also considered for seat occupancy and hence we had to opt for van rather than a four seater car. This was the very first rule which I learnt while in Netherlands. While on our way to home, we got to know about more such interesting rules set in Netherlands by my husband. Some of which included, there is a separate lane for bicycles, signals must be followed strictly, parking of vehicles should be essentially within allocated parking slots, car seat was compulsory for kids aged eight years and below and much more.

‘I amsterdam’ speaks for itself – capturing very first happy moment outside Schiphol Airport

In about ten minutes, we reached our destination. It took us forty eight Euros to reach home from airport.

It was already twelve in noon by the time we reached home and rested for the day due to tiresome journey and jet lag of three and half hours compared to that of India.
In evening we had a casual walk at streets nearby home and met my husband’s roommates and friends who visited us that day.

To be continued..
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