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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Europe – Day 8(Netherlands)

Day 9: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prime place(s) visited: Giethoorn

The day started off as usual by having breakfast and lunch at home.

We then began with our journey to Giethoorn, Netherlands soon after having lunch.

In order to reach here, we took train from Kroneburg, Amstelveen to Amsterdam Zuid and then changed station to catch NS from Amsterdam Zuid to Steenwijk. From Steenwijk station, we caught bus to Giethoorn. There are two buses with numbers 70 and 270 which go to Giethoorn(Dominee Hylkemaweg, exact name of stop) from Steenwijk. The last bus which departs from Giethoorn to Steenwijk is at around 6:30 PM.

Random click inside train while on our way to Giethroon 

It took us almost three and half hours to reach Giethoorn from Amstelveen.

As soon as we reached here, we quickly booked for boat since it was nearing about closing time to rent for boat. Most vendors here provide boats on rent until 4:00 PM and allow for one to two hours of self-driven ride. However, one can also opt for passenger boat.

Before that we begun with our journey, we were made to understand the basic operations to drive boat and a map to know the directions. And soon we commenced with the most awaited ride at Giethoorn, also known as the Venice of Holland.

Get Set Go! All set to begin with our ride at Giethroon

We were completely mesmerized by the beauty of this town which not only seemed to be calm and peaceful but also simply appealing with abundance of nature. Amidst the serene environment, the loudest sound which we could hear was the quacking of ducks. Besides, most houses built here are cottage styled and the only means to access them is through water. Giethoorn is known to be a village without road and is relatively a car-free one. It also stands out to have very little pollution(air and noise) compared to that of other places in Netherlands. This village stands out to be the perfect destination to break from the hustle and bustle filled city-life.

Family photo before begining with boat ride at Giethroon, Netherlands 

With little hands-on we could successfully complete our one hour of boat journey at Giethoorn. Initially, it gave us the feeling of dashing car while our boat dashed other boats due to lack of driving experience but, eventually we could manage for a smooth ride using the map given.

Excited! Click while on our ride at Giethroon 

Upon completing with boat ride, we had French fries at one of the restaurants out there and then waited at the bus stop to be back to Steenwijk and then to Amstelveen following the same route. While heading at the bus stop, we also purchased some flower seeds from one of the shops. Soon we were back to our house in Amstelveen.

Although our journey had concluded however, excitement for the day was not over yet. We had surprise by my husband’s friends who had come at his house for wishing him for his birthday the next day. We celebrated his birthday by cutting cake at 8:30 PM CET which according to Indian time zone was 12 O’clock midnight. This was then followed by dinner(cooked at house) as a part of small celebration.

The day winded up with packing luggage for trip the next day to Paris.

To be continued..
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