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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Hyderabad – Day 1

This day was planned to visit the most awaited and renowned tourist attraction of Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City.

Unlike previous day, this day began with an early start in the morning when we left from home by around nine O’ clock in friend’s car having had breakfast and getting ready. Upon travelling for almost one and half hour we reached main entrance of the grand studio, the Ramoji Film City. Soon our excitement came to end when we were informed that private vehicles were not allowed beyond that point and we had to go back a long way (fifteen to twenty minutes of driving) in order to park our car.
While travelling to the Film City, it is advised to enquire guards (there are usually two guards at desk), at diversion about the parking slot for the Film City. Also, ticket counter to the Film City is located near the parking area. From here, there are buses which will lead to the Film City. Remember, one can neither enter Film City by walking nor through any private vehicle.
Having parked our car, we bought city tour tickets at a fare of Rs. 1250/- per head and soon boarded bus to enter the Film City. Last time for entry to the Film City is 2:00 PM. The tour ticket not only includes moving through the city but is also inclusive of certain free rides, watching live shows and concert.
Below is the official website of Ramoji Film City,


Random click at Ramoji Film City

We moved about here and there exploring the Film City and clicking numerous pictures at varied spots upon dropping from bus. We also watched show which demonstrated us through the real movie making experience. Then, we caught another bus which had a tour guide who exhibited us different spots and films which were shot at those spots at the Film City while the bus was in motion. Finally, we dropped off at a point which lead to a set (Bhagavatham set) seeming like a grand palace, typically one from mythological stories such as Mahabharata. The exit to this set lead to artificial stations, ironically hoardings of different places at single station.

Snap of the Bhagavatham set at Ramoji Film City

This can happen only in reel life, many-in-one station at Ramoji

It was time to again board bus to arrive at the sets of blockbuster movie, Bahubali. The last bus to reach this set is at 4:00 pm. We clicked several snaps at the grand and fascinating set of Bahubali and hopped on to another bus which lead to the butterfly garden from where we walked towards the bird park and back to the entry point through bus.

Jai Mahishmati!! At the sets of Bahubali

This was not just the end, there was much more to it. Before leaving from the Film City, we watched live dance show and carnival parade, also enjoyed concert by one of the Indian Idol winners’. It was around eight O’clock while we left from the illuminated Film City which was looking no less than some dreamland that time.

Glimpse of Carnival Parade

Though we had spent the entire day here, this Film City offers plenty things (not just attractions) which can never be attained in a single day. Besides, the marvelous studio seems never ending for clicking vivid photos.

Europe like street at Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City truly proves to be a boon to Hyderabad attracting tourists from across the world.

To be continued..
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