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In continuation with Self travel itinerary Lavasa – Travel to Lavasa

The very first day went off quite lazy, when we slept the entire afternoon having ate Maggie for lunch which we had prepared at our room. Later, in evening we decided to walk around to explore the city.

We then left from our apartment and started walking towards International Convention Center that falls straight from the Club House near our apartment. There is a narrow lane which is adjacent to the Convention Center and happens to be the beginning of street at Lavasa. We sighted through the very first happening view at the street which was nothing but bicycling. People of different age groups were riding through the bicycle, few of them were on single seater, while most couples seemed to be on double seater bicycles. We checked for the rent of double seater bicycle which was Rs. 200/- for twenty minutes. Being a weekend with tremendous crowd, there was waiting time for the same which we eventually gave up and moved on towards further exploration. We then came across food shops, all lined up with tables and chairs in front of their outlets. The shops here offered a variety of food most of which included Indian and Chinese variants. However, fast food stalls were more prominent among proper restaurants, offering full-fledged Indian style lunch and dinner thali. Apart from food, there were few shops for buying gifts, clothing and other accessories. Moreover, we could also spot one shop for buying grocery stuff out there. Besides, there was also a gaming zone for kids.

View of street at Lavasa

The entire street is surrounded by a massive artificial lake which adds scenic beauty to the city. Most of the hotels for stay here, have lakeview which is an add-on to the tourists chillaxing at Lavasa, especially for people of Mumbai who are adhered to live in small apartments with less or no scenic beauty. To top it all, the sound of music through the street is indeed refreshing and soothing.
The artistically colored buildings, lakeview and streets is what makes Lavasa somewhat identical to Europe. However, as we were nearing dusk, the light through streets seemed to be too dull, yet the overall illumination of lights from all around the city was quite enchanting to eyes.

Lavasa at a glance

We had Dosa and Idli from one the fast food restaurants in dinner that day and bought bread, butter and milk for breakfast for the next day and went back to our apartment.
While most of the city was explored the first day itself, the next day was spent in causally walking through and clicking pictures. Also, due to rains, water sport activities were not available that time.
The third day early morning we packed our luggage to be back to Mumbai.
Though our primary aim behind visiting Lavasa was a break from the fast-paced life, we could relax and enjoy here because of ample of two days of time. However, if you are planning to visit Lavasa for an exciting one-day trip all the way from Mumbai, I would rather recommend to either opt for some other place nearby Mumbai or plan for atleast overnight stay here, since one day’s journey could be quite tiresome and exhausting.
Overall, it was a nice experience having visited this city and would definitely suggest you to go for it. Since much part of the city is still under construction, maybe the city’s illusion was not much pleasing to meet our expectations of comparing Lavasa with that of Europe. However, a certainly visit place to regain peace of mind from the hustle and bustle filled city life like that of Mumbai.
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